Thursday, December 19, 2013

Creative Writing

Eyes open
Mouth wide
Eyebrows raised

Passion Writing

I am passionate about my blog because I can show viewers how to read face expressions and also show some of my art. My favorite part of my blog is posting pictures of people doing different faces. I also like to research on how the brain is connected to our feelings and how that all affects our face expressions.                    

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Self Selected Review: Banksy Street Art Painted Over

The British street artist has created one of his very creative spray paint pieces on the streets of Manhattan on October 1st 2013. The next day, the painting of two young boys reaching for a bottle of spray paint was painted over.  I honestly believe that the reason for why street art is being destroyed is because people are afraid of the truth and message that art can bring. Banksy is a slap in the face of reality to many citizens not willing to accept the flaws of their country and world. Politicians and bitter citizens don’t like to see that although their country can offer them many good things, it can also limit them to expand creativity.  The controversy between the many groups of people is amazing.  Many argue that street art is a gift and accept it for what it is and want to protect it. Others think it is a sign of disrespect and see it as vandalism in neighborhoods.  If people like seeing Banksy’s art work, them why should it be covered?  No matter how often they paint over street art, street artist will just keep coming back. I am not sure there is a real solution to this.  Because our world is full of different thinking, it is difficult to come together to form a solution that will benefit everyone.  For the people who think that street art is “ghetto” or “disrespectful”, you should think that these are the artists who truly want to leave a message and make people react to what they see. Society likes to see pretty things that will make them feel good about themselves which is why they reject art works that reveal something negative about their personality. These are the people who would rather stare at a white canvas with a yellow line across it rather that seeding real talent being destroyed.

Friday, December 13, 2013


With this Prezi you will learn the basics of how to read face expressions such as anger, fear, boredom, and lying.

Thursday, December 12, 2013


When looking at an angry face, you will notice a different glare in the persons eyes. Eyebrows are the center of attention when reading an angry face because they are pulled down together forming V shaped wrinkles. The persons lips will be tense and appear more narrow than the usual or will create a square shape. This is caused because of tension or the grinding of teeth. Lastly, the nose will wrinkle up forming small wrinkles on the top of the nose.

Friday, December 6, 2013


The American Psychological Association, mentions scientific discoveries of the importance of emotions and how they are linked to face expressions.  The website also shows ways to apply face expressions in the real world.

According to Project Deidre, there are six main facial expressions that the human body will mostly do. This web includes a chart that demonstrates how the face reacts to emotions.

The Scientific American Book of the Brain by the editors of Scientific America magazine and Antonio R.  Damasio published in 1999, explains to adult readers the functions of the human brain by giving scientific research and examples.

About this Blog

We all have face expressions, they are the way not only a human but also animals can express emotions without using a single word. Face expressions connect us all because you don't need a language to communicate, instead you let your own body speak for it's self. I chose to do my project on human face expressions because I find it very interesting to know what causes the human body to react like it does and it is also my concentration in art class. Throughout this project I would like to discover how to read face expressions and throughout my research inform viewers about how emotions connect to human face expressions.