Friday, December 6, 2013

About this Blog

We all have face expressions, they are the way not only a human but also animals can express emotions without using a single word. Face expressions connect us all because you don't need a language to communicate, instead you let your own body speak for it's self. I chose to do my project on human face expressions because I find it very interesting to know what causes the human body to react like it does and it is also my concentration in art class. Throughout this project I would like to discover how to read face expressions and throughout my research inform viewers about how emotions connect to human face expressions.    


  1. Sounds intersting, will you be posting pictures of your art for the different expressions?

  2. Nice topic, I like how you wrote about how we can express our emotions with a facial expression and not only with words.
    Berenice S.

  3. I like the way you describe how we don't need to talk we can use face expressions

  4. i love this topic, super interesting. whats your most common facial expression? :)