Thursday, March 20, 2014

Passion Post: Creepy Smiles

We all have met that one person who has the most creepiest smiles. They look down on us as they open their eyes super wide and only show their top set of teeth when they smile. Although all of these pictures are of little kids eating food, they are still super creepy!! The little girl on the top left corner is looking at her sandwich like she’s about to eat it in one bite! What the quack! How desperate is she to eat that darn jelly sandwich? And the little boy on the bottom right, his smile is like threatening! I just want to say, little boy no one is going to steal your darn can of Pork Beans! Another type of creepy smiles are the ones when people second chin it and kind of tilt their heads down and smile. That's super creepy.  I remember when I was in Kindergarten; I had this teacher who had a creepy smile. I was really young back in the day and I can still remember her nasty smile! I was already a timid child since I had just moved to America in Kindergarten and I didn’t know English and this teacher here made it worse trying to scare me with her nasty yellow teeth. This one time she had lip stick on the teeth. I notice because she had a creepy smile so when she smiled at me I saw it and I laughed. She didn’t know why I was laughing she probably thought she was being funny or something. I would have told her but I didn’t know how to. Anyways, the point is that there are those people who have the creepiest smiles that you just never forget about them, like my Kindergarten teacher. They scar you for life. Who knew that smiles 


  1. Those are some very creepy faces. The picture with the girl staring at the jelly being spread on the bread is definitely the creepiest of them all.

    1. Ha ha i know right! What is wrong with children know days!

  2. Top left corner kid looks like she plotting something evil. She looks like she's thinking along the lines of "Yes...She's using the poisoned jelly...The plan is moving accordingly...Excellent..."

    And the kid on the bottom right also looks like he just poisoned someones food. "That's right Jimmie... Eat your beans... There's nothing wrong with them, they'er good for you... Look I'm eating Eat it all up..." I don't know what it is about the beans kid but he just plain looks sinister to me, and jelly girl looks a bit unhinged. The other two however just look like little kids overly excited about food.

  3. Ha ha that's funny Kinsley I never though that they could be thinking that ha ha