Friday, March 28, 2014

SSR: Nikos Gyftakis

Nikos Gyftakis is a Greek artist who created a several swirl self-portraits made out of oil pastels during 2004 and 2005. Nikos studied fine arts at Aristotle University and was well prepared to begin a career of his own. Not only does he paint really cool self-portraits, but he was also involved in fashion and design. He made many works for movies and fashion shows.
This self-portrait of Nikos Gyftakis is my favorite. I really like the colors that he uses. It represents the emotions that the image has to offer. In this particular piece, he is expressing sadness and sorrow. It seems like he is asking for forgiveness to like Jesus or something.  I like that it has a lot of texture because it makes the painting pop out.
I wish that I could do something like this. It kind of reminds me of the portrait that I did of my dad a while back. Only I did mine in pencil instead of color. Oil pastels are very hard to work with. If you mess up, you can’t erase it or paint over it. It is also very messy and when you try to blend, you could end up peeling the pastel off.  Because this is a challenging thing to do and takes a lot of time, not many people are up for it. I would rather draw flowers in pastels because they do not have as many details as a face.

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